News from the Archives

In celebration of  Women’s History Month, the March Special Collections Book of the Month is Queen Elizabeth by Mandell Creighton, Lord Bishop of Peterborough.  The book was published in 1896, and is a sympathetic look at the life of England’s Elizabeth I (1533-1603).  The volume was printed, and its wonderful plates engraved, by Boussod, Valadon & Co.

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News from the Archives

Buggies on Broadway, Granville, Ohio

As we get ready to enjoy the winter holidays, let’s look back in time.  The Denison University Archives holds a variety of materials related to the season, from trustee William Howard Doane’s Christmas cantatas, to winter dance programs and photographs.  So be of good cheer!

Dance program, 1939 winter formal

Steps to academic quad

Chapel Walk

Music by William Howard Doane

1890s card photograph of students

Postcard of the lower campus

Christmas card from President Good

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News from the Archives

When Asian Studies became an area of study among the GLCA colleges in the sixties, Denison faculty decided to focus on Burma.  Art department chair Dr. Jim Grimes contacted 1910 alumna, Helen Hunt, to begin forming a Burmese art collection at Denison.  Hunt had served for decades as a teacher and missionary in Burma.  She got in touch with others in service there, and soon donations of Burmese art arrived on campus.

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News from the Archives

October is American Archives Month!  I see the impact of  the archives daily, as the resources of the Denison University Archives enrich lives and aid researchers here on campus, and from across the U.S. and even the world.

For instance, the designs of the 1931 Denison Centennial Commemorative Plates set so impressed a visiting British ceramics artist that he had to take a photograph of each plate. 

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Celebrate 125 years of Government Documents at Denison

Image from our PowerPoint display.

Images of the event are now up on our Facebook page.

Denison University Library is celebrating 125 years as part of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). The library was designated as a depository library on April 17, 1884. The purpose of the depository program is to ensure that all members of the general public have easy, free access to government information in all formats.

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News from the Archives

Denison University is known for its outstanding academic life, but there is a recreational side to the university, as well.  The following images show Denison at leisure.

The whistler


Snow fun


Up on the roof


Tug o’ war


Conga line


Lacrosse game


The May pole


Cage ball


Ritual burial of the English textbook


Taking in the view

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Theatre in Video

Krapp's Last Tape

Theatre in Video is a new resource that contains performances in streaming video of the world’s leading plays and film documentaries on the subject of theater.  Some plays are presented in multiple productions exemplifying various interpretations of the text, and technical and cultural differences among the presentations. Stage work of directors and actors are cross-searchable and available for side-by-side comparison.

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News from the Archives

The archives holds a fascinating collection of student scrapbooks, dating from the later 1800s to the 1950s.  The scrapbooks are filled with photographs, plus ephemera such as ticket stubs, programs, and clippings.  There’s also objects inserted between pages–pins, corsages, even a spoon!  More than fifty scrapbooks are available for viewing and research use.  See some examples below:

Beverly Brickell scrapbook page

Cover of the Catherine Darby scrapbook

Catherine Darby scrapbook page

Joseph Castellini scrapbook photograph of Granville shops

Joseph Castellini scrapbook photograph of 1924 freshman initiation

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