Conserve, like a boss.

Yayyyy no impact week! So far I think today has gone quite well. I agree with what others have said in that it is easier to conserve on days that my one activity has been to lounge around. I definitely did not need to use as much water as I may normally do, but still was able to put some of my goals into practice! My goals today revolved around what we talked about in class. I made sure to only have the faucet running when using water directly, which was not hard, I just had to be aware! The hardest part by far was the showering. So, I take long showers. Like, we’re talking in the 20-25 minute range… Its pathetic. However! My goal has been to cut this time in half, if not even shorter. Today resulted in a 12 minute shower (rahhh!) so hopefully by the end of this experience I will be able to take one in less than 10. I predict that this will be the most challenging activity of the week.

I am excited about the rest of this week and hope that I will be diligent for the rest of it! I’ve been telling my roommates and friends about it, so maybe at the very least it will be on their minds. I have a few goals that I think will help add to the experience. First of all I am going to try and be a vegetarian for a week. So many resources are used in our meat industry (as we learned) so I am going to go a week without eating any. Hopefully this won’t be too much of a struggle, I do love tofu. My second goal is that I am going to try not to buy anything this week. Of course this is not something that is reasonable for a long-term goal, but I don’t need to have all of the packaged snacks and such that I usually splurge for during the week. That’s pretty much it! Horrah No Impact Week day one!

Mia Day

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