Excessive H20 Use is a No-No


It seems that the majority of our classes’ water use comes from excessive showering. I too am no exception when it comes to this form of “water waste.” I enjoy my long showers, but this week and hopefully weeks in the future after No Impact Week, I will begin to decline in my own water and specifically shower use. I’ll try to make it a goal of mine to use no more than 15 minutes worth of water over the course of 3 days, and use 10 minutes or less the remaining 4 days of the week. This approach is perhaps less radical than limiting myself to 10 minutes or less for the entire week or no water use at all-a method which will surely deprive me too much of water and discourage me from attempting to limit my water usage in the future.

For the most part, when using water for other “tasks” like washing hands, brushing teeth, washing my face, filling a water bottle, or shaving, my personal water use is fairly conservative. Coming from “The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes,” (Minnesota) I understand how important water is not just to surrounding and local habits including the diverse ecosystems that are contained within them, but to the culture, politics, history and economics of the state. As a resident of Minnesota, it should be an expectation that I limit personal and collective water use whenever possible and appreciate and respect its bountiful presence and ensure that it remains this way and never loses its supply. The same applies to the state of Ohio. I can apply what I have learned from my life in Minnesota to the state of Ohio which also has plenty of water sources from Raccoon Creek in Granville, to Buckeye Lake, and to mighty Lake Erie in the northernmost part of the state.

Andrew Malin

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  1. I’m from Ohio and this post really made me think of water usage from a new perspective. I tend to think of my water coming from far-out places (like most of my food), but it really comes from much closer than that. I probably think this because all of the bodies of water that are close to me are disgusting and I don’t want to imagine drinking from them. I also have this horrible visual of one of my high school teachers talking about how much lotion she used every night before she went to bed, how a lot of it came off in the shower in the morning, and probably made its way to our Nalgene water bottles via the drinking fountains in the school. I suppose I’m “turned off” from local water, but I could definitely work on figuring out a way to appreciate it more. That is definitely something I will worry about in the fall when I study in South America…I doubt their water goes through as much purification, etc. as ours.

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