It’s H-2-0, yo!

At about 4pm, I realized that I hadn’t really been careful with my water consumption today. I think this is because I was off campus most of the day and I had only been thinking about this as a Denison thing. While thinking of my water goals yesterday, I would picture the Shorney bathroom faucet and the Shorney shower. I hadn’t really pictured myself saving water in a different environment. It is kind of startling that as soon as I stepped off campus, it was like my goals had disappeared. I paid no attention to how long it took me to wash my hands in the McDonald’s sink, which is ridiculous, because, why would I be less eager to save water somewhere else? It’s basically coming from the same place and having the same effects no matter where it comes from.

Anyhoo, after I recognized that, I set myself back on track. This week, I want to take 6 minute showers, use water 7 seconds max while washing my hands, use only one fork/spoon per meal, and just be more conscious of my water usage. I always shower before bed so I haven’t showered yet today, but I think reducing shower time won’t be too bad….I used to try to prove to my mom how quickly I could take showers (for some reason, my eight year old brain thought that was impressive), so I kind of kept my quick showering habits and generally take only about 8 minutes unless I’ve had a long day.

This week, I think I will find the trash goals to be the hardest, not because I don’t recycle, but just because I never think about what I am throwing away… I just throw it away.

Emily Dean

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  1. I am very impressed by how quick your showers are! That definitely makes me want to step up my game….peer pressure is at work! But really, I think that this blog is a lot like the Facebook app I did my article presentation about because it allows us to compare/exchange tips and definitely facilitates peer pressure in terms of how large our impact is. I had forgot about the only using one fork/spoon idea, so I will definitely do that tomorrow!

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