Today’s water goals were not that hard to accomplish, but I’m thinking that is most likely due to the fact that today is an extremely lazy Sunday. It was beautiful outside, so I spent more time there than inside, where I would have been using/wasting water. The biggest challenge, which turned out to be not that big of a challenge at all, was the amount of time I spent showering. I average about a 15-18 minute shower, which I realize is ridiculous. My goal for this week is to shower in under 10 minutes, and I did it in 7. I realized that I spend way too much time hanging out under the stream of water than actually doing shower-related activities. There is something relaxing about taking a long shower, but I didn’t particularly miss that relaxing feeling today. This is probably because I spent a lot of time relaxing outside, so I made up for my shower relaxation in nature.

As I type this entry, I realize how cool of a realization that is. Being outside is way more fun (and social) than being in the shower. I mean, yeah, getting clean is great, but it doesn’t beat hanging out with people, especially clothed. I like how this experiment has already started to change other areas of my life, especially because I didn’t expect that to be the case.

As far as the upcoming days go, I’m not sure what I’m most worried about. Probably waste, because that is a hard thing to watch on a campus. We don’t have a lot of access to food that isn’t pre-packaged, and I can’t just eat bananas for 5 days. Well, maybe I could…who knows. I’ve already started the energy section which isn’t that bad either. At least today. But then again, a beautiful lazy Sunday doesn’t really leave room for energy use anyway.

Lucy Jobe


  1. I think that Lucy brings up a good point. People, girls especially, spend way to much time just hanging out in the shower when they could be doing all the things they have to do and wasting less water. I think that a day like today definitely helped me to conserve water because I wasn’t stuck inside. One think to point out is that taking too many showers isn’t good for a persons hair or skin so if we all decided to take less and shorter showers we would be helping the environment and our personal health.

  2. I completely agree with you, Lucy! I also spent the majority of my day outside with friends, so there was minimal water usage. It’s definitely nice being able to relax outdoors and enjoy the simplicity.

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