To begin this no impact week experiment I have set goals for my consumption of water. Some of my goals include taking 5 minute showers and using minimal water while brushing my teeth. Luckily my water consumption is quite minimal to begin with. The only real change that I had to make was shortening my showers by 5 minutes, which honestly hasn’t been bad at all.

Kyle McNulty


  1. Kyle,

    You are a visionary!!!!! I think a lot of people will have trouble limiting their shower time to just 5 minutes. Probably part of this is because of the warm water and body temperature adjustment to that water. When you turn off the water you feel cold because the moisture evaporates off your skin. However, you have shown already on day one of the “No impact week” initiative that it is possible, without too great a loss that it is possible to limit water use with the mentality that it “really hasn’t been that bad at all.”

  2. I found that shortening my showers also was not difficult. I spend a lot of time in the shower relaxing instead of using it for hygiene. Showers seem to feel more like a luxury than anything else unless you shorten them.

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