For the no impact week, the first thing I need to do is to reduce my showering time. Usually, I take a 15-minute shower and now I think I can cut it to 10 minutes. Then because I always wash my hair in the morning , so I will try to lower the washing time from 5 minutes to 3 minutes for the first day. Also, I will use as little water as I can to brush my teeth. I usually get a full cup of water for brushing my teeth but for the first day, I will try to use not that much.

I am thinking about gradually reducing my daily showering time to 7 to 8 minutes or even 5 minutes and using just half cup of water for brushing my teeth at the end of this week. Also, I can wash my hair during showering time so that I do not need to wash my hair in the morning and this is quite great for saving water.

From my perspective, my daily water consumption is at a low level, so it is not very difficult for me to use minimal water.What I mainly need to do is to change some of my habits, like washing hair during showering. The only real challenge for me is this Thursday. Because I do not have class on thursday, so I usually take a long-time shower on Thursday morning. I will try not to do so this week to reduce my water consumption.

Gary Wu

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  1. Gary, we have the same problem. Because I don’t have class on the Tuesday morning, I usually take a long time to enjoy the water especially in the cold weather. Girls are using 5 minitues to take showere sounds ridiculous. But we will save water in other ways.

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