Limiting my water today was not as hard as I thought.I do think that if this had been a week day I probably would have been more tempted to use water more regularly. Turning off the faucet when I’m brushing my teeth is one of the easiest ways to conserve water. Shutting off the water when I’m washing my face is another easy way to make sure I don’t use more water than I need to. A tip for conserving water is brushing your teeth and washing your face in the shower. This way, all of your water wasting activities are happening all at once. One of the things that I found was hard was limiting my shower time. I feel like the shower pressure at Denison is so low so I feel like I need to spend more time in the shower to get really clean. I think that of all the cutting back, energy will be the most difficult. I know that especially during this week when I have so much work, my lights and computer will be on all of the time. I would like to turn off my computer every night and turn off my phone so that I conserve energy and not be so constantly plugged in. I think another day that I think I will struggle with is food.Eating only in season when we are eating college food will be tough but I think its important to try and work within these limitations so that I can make a positive contribution to no impact week.

Grace Patrick

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  1. I agree with Grace’s points about the water pressure at Denison in the showers because I feel like I need more water to get all of the shampoo and conditioner out of my hair. I think that it will be challenging to cut back on showers but it is definitely a doable task over this next week.

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