To me, today’s water usage goal was not hard. Starting from the shower time, I usually take shower in 20 minutes, which is a really long time. But in the no impact week, I realized how important is saving water in our daily life. Thus, I tried to minimize to 12 minutes today and also I made it. Because of the long hair, I had to wash it really fast and finished my steps one by one. Most of the time, I use a half cup of water to brush my teeth per time. Now, I still have to keep this amount. After one week, I plan only take 10 minutes to take shower and use totally 5 minutes to wash my hands and face.

I think the challenge part is stil water usage. To achieve the goal very well, I have to pay attention on the time and finish using water as soon as possible.

Shuwei Zhang

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  1. It’s funny to read all of the comments about the struggles of taking shorter showers, but I am also on that boat. I hear you on the long hair issue, but was also able to take a 12 minute shower, so, nicely done! Hopefully this will be part of the experience that will stick with us after the week is over.

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