Water Consumption

My first day of reduced water consumption was difficult and eye opening to how much I can actually change in my everyday life. I noticed that I have the bad habit of leaving the water on in the sink when I am brushing my teeth as well as washing my face and washing my hands. This morning and tonight I made sure that I turned off the water when brushing my teeth. It is going to be like any other habit that is difficult at first to break but can be done with practice. I think that participating in this week will help me to break this habit and save that water each day. When washing my hands and face I turned the water off when I was scrubbing with the soap and the time difference of water being on from last week was significant. I take long showers as well so I really tried to not take any extra time in the shower today and this was challenging for me but I am going to make an effort to not waste time in the shower this week and hopefully in the future. The most challenging for me will most likely be the shower time.

Allie Richards