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My water consumption is gigantic, primarily because I take long showers like the majority of our class.  Last week I found that I usually take 20 minute showers, and the water is running the entire time.  I have long hair so it does take a while to rinse out all of the conditioner and shampoo, but I definitely do not need 20 minutes!  That’s a lot of wasted water, and also just a lot of wasted time.  I decided to make a goal to have the water running only for 10 minutes during my shower.  If I’m in the shower and just letting the conditioner soak in my hair or if I’m shaving then I don’t necessarily need the water running nonstop and I can turn it off in the meantime.  This morning I took a shower, and missed by goal by about a minute.  I had to shave which adds more time so I feel like tomorrow I should definitely be under 10.  I wanted to keep my water use from brushing my teeth, washing my hands, and washing my face under 5 minutes and that was really easy.  I had the sink on for about 3 minutes total, and most of that came from hand washing.  Water consumption will probably be one of the easiest to reduce, while I think that waste will be the most difficult.  I am just very clueless about recycling so I will have to be very intentional about checking what can and cannot be recycled, and be very aware of the packaging that the products I purchase come in.  I think that reducing waste requires a lot more effort/knowledge than reducing water does.

Jenna Marchese

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  1. Hey Jenna! I agree, I think that reducing waste takes more knowledge/awareness than reducing water consumption. We’ll have to keep each other updated on that this week. Proud of you for cutting down on your shower time! I bet that’ll get easier every day.

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