Water Impact

The reduced water consumption did not require a significant amount of sacrifice. I did not set extremely tedious goals.  I figured I could shower for 5 min and not use more than 5 seconds of water during teeth brushing. Also, I set that throughout the day I would not use more than 2 minutes total of faucet use for washing hands.

Nonetheless, I typically take short showers regardless of the current no-impact week status. I took about a five min shower, which seemed slightly shorter than usual. However, I did not feel any deprivation because I took a short shower. I found it difficult to monitor my sink use because I use the water in short intervals. For example, while I brush my teeth I only use the water for a few seconds before and after to wash the brush. When I wash my hands I turn off the faucet when applying soap. The last day of the week will definitely challenge me. When I have to think about all the various ways to reduce impact I am sure I will find difficulty in managing each category. This might affect how I reduce my water. I might forget to take shorter showers or reduce faucet use. Hopefully, by the end of the week reducing water consumption will feel habitual and thus limiting the challenge. I predict waste management will require the most effort. I will definitely have to minimize the amount I consume per day. Water, energy, and transportation I typically do a decent job at reducing my use routinely.


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