Water Secrets

Well, this whole water conservation seems sort of personal the more I think about: showering, toilets, and sinks. Nevertheless, I found today that I can do some silly things to save water. There is this old saying, “If it is yellow let it mellow.” So my confession is that I follow by that rule, which ultimately saves a whole lot of water because I am flushing way less often. Also, I “shared a flush” with Sarah Post today was pretty funny but it saved water! It isn’t as gross as it sounds. The shower I took this morning was in about 4 mins which is about 3 minutes faster than usual, so I was scrambling a bit to shampoo, face wash and body wash in the short time. It wasn’t too hard, though doing this for the whole week may be difficult when all I want to do is stand in the warm shower ( you guys all know those days!). I used as little water as possible during the 10 times I washed my hands today. I tend not to think about how much water I use when washing my hands because it is such a quick action. I don’t know if we are keeping track of how much water we drink but I think it was somewhere around 5 cups or so.

Megan Hart

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