Water Usage

Overall, I had to think consciously in order to reduce my water consumption.  Typically, I like to take long showers because I love the warmth of the water.  I usually shower in the morning and when I wake up, it is always cold in our room.  Therefore, I use the shower as a way of heating myself up, which is why my showers usually last about 20-25 minutes.  So, last night, I made sure that we didn’t have our fan on full blast so our room wouldn’t be as cold when I woke up this morning.  Therefore, coupled with the fact that I was in a hurry, I found that I took a six minute shower.  In taking a much faster shower than normal, I discovered that six minutes is plenty of time to fulfill all of my hygienic needs.  This is why my goal for the rest of the week is to take around 6 minute showers each time.  I think that this a reasonable goal, but this will require a conscious effort on my part in order to really reduce my shower times this week.  Then, once I see how truly easy it is to take fast shower this week, I think that this will definitely be something that I will carry over to my behavior past no impact week.

Then, as far as the rest of my water consumption goes, it was pretty easy to cut back on my water usage.  When I brushed my teeth today, I only had the faucet on for a few seconds when I was getting my toothbrush wet and when I need to rinse it off.  Next, for my washing my hands, my goal was to not leave the faucet on when I had to walk across the bathroom to get soap and this was really easy to fulfill.  Finally, my last goal dealt with my water consumption in using my nalgene water bottle.  My goal was to drink all of my water in my nalgene and not dump any of it out before I went to refill it all.  This goal was not hard to meet and I will definitely try to do this for the rest of the week.  I only had to fill my nalgene up twice today (so 2,000 mL of water used) instead of the normal 4-5 times that I do.

Emily Marguerite

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