Water Usage

My main goal for No Impact Week and water consumption is to take shorter showers.  I take incredibly long showers (about 30 minutes), which is very unnecessary.  For the first day, my goal was to cut my shower time in half and I succeeded.  I was able to shower in 13 minutes today.  As the week goes on I plan to cut a few minutes off of my shower each day, so tomorrow I am aiming for a 10 minute shower.

I didn’t find shortening my shower too difficult.  However, I was rushing because I was running late for something, but nonetheless it wasn’t a burden to pick up the pace.  I expect the most challenging part of this week to be food because eating in Curtis doesn’t give me control over the packaging, processing, and location of my food.

Sarah Fleming


  1. I also take really long showers I give you so much credit for shortening them that much! You saved so much water! I tried to cut my shower down today and it didn’t work as well as I had hoped but I’m glad to hear you managed it hopefully tomorrow I can cut mine down as much as you!

  2. I agree with Gary, those 30 minute showers are a big deal. It is awesome that you are shortening them, think about all the good things you are doing by conserving that water. Shower heads can use somewhere between 7 and 2.5 gallons a minute and that adds up to a lot. Even a ten minute shower can be up to 70 gallons! Something you can try is to set an alarm on your phone. Before my showers I set my timer to between 4 and 8 minutes (depending on the day of course) and happily listen to music until the timer goes off. I think this shower length can also be associated with some psychological aspects, too. I remember Dr. Kaplan mentioning the experiment about the shower length and the most successful approach was that of framing it as a “social norm” issue. So maybe if we all take showers in the stalls next to a friend who takes really short showers, we will all spend less time showering. Worth a try?

  3. I really agree with you that 30-minute showering is quite water-comsuming. But it is quite good for you to shower only for 13 minutes today. Actually I really enjoy taking a long shower if it is quite cold outside but the water temperature is quite warm. Luckily, summer is coming and the weather is quite good. So it is easy for me to avoid long showers. I hope you can successfully reduce your showering time!

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