Day 1

As excited as I was for no impact week, the first day did not go as well as I thought it would.  The first hour was good, as I used very little energy from appliances in my room.  I unplugged everything but my fridge, and used very little light as I got up.  I took a quick three minute shower and brushed my teeth with cold water.  But then when I went to breakfast it started to go down hill.  I forgot that I had decided to be a vegetarian, and found myself taking a big bite of an over-processed, greasy piece of meat that Curtis refers to as a ‘sausage’.  Once I took the food, I ate the rest of it as to not be wasteful.  I composted the napkins I used, and only used one plate, creating no trash.  I walked to all my classes and never went off campus, so transportation was not an issue.  Then when lunch came around I had another slip up. In my haste to get some coffee, I quickly opened two sugar packets.  I also took more food then I wanted to eat, so this was not a very successful lunch.  After my last class I went to the library to do work as to not waste an unnecessary electricity.  So overall my day could have gone better, but it was a good start.  I conserved water and energy while I walked everywhere.  The rest of the week I am going to try and do better at meal time, for this seems to be my most wasteful time.

Samuel Mason