Day 1

         Today was our first day of No impact week!!  I did not think that this day was really hard.  If I had to use words to describe it I would say that today was a realization day- A day to remember what I would not be allowed to eat or use to make my goals achievable by the end of the week. 

        My day started like anyother morning would.  I woke up at 7:20 in the morning and got ready for class and breakfast.  The prior night, I took a shower and dryed my hair so I just woke up and straightened my hair.  Gladly because my hair was already dry I did not have to straighten my hair as long as I usually do and at the intensity that I usually do.  This was good by me because I saved energy.   One of my major goals of this project was to decrease my meat intake.  At breakfast, I ate at Curtis and was about to pick a sausage patty when I remembered that I could have my first piece of meat on wednesday-which was sad:(  But you gotta do what you gotta do!!  After breakfast, I brought my tumbler (That I got at Denison’s festival) and filled it with Diet Coke so I would not have to buy a pop (If you do not know me- I am sorta of addicted to Diet Coke for its taste and the caeffine take).  The rest of day went well.  I went to the library and I am used to using the electrical doors to open for me, but did not do that today!  It was hard. At first I opened a door and then remembered so I let someone else go through the door and I chose the non-electric doors.  After Lunch, I ate with my friends at Curtis and composted my food.  I got a stir fry and finished all of it because I did not want to be wasteful because that would be a huge impact!  Also this was a vegetarian option.  Later that Day after 6, I went to Slayter to get Meal Exchange but I brought my own container for my grilled cheese and refilled my pop in the same cup.  People looked at me weird when I was filling the pop but I think they thought I was stealing pop which should be frowned upon!  Thus I completely understand the looks I was getting. 

    The one problem I see is that I will be staying up REALLY REALLY late the next few days because of an organic chemistry exam and I hope I can beat the tempetation to get a snack at around 12.

Kelly Kuppler


  1. I am addicted to Diet Coke too!! First semester was bad so over winter break I made myself cut back. That is too funny that you are too! Anyways, your day sounded similar to mine and I am glad you kept catching yourself. I caught myself many times. I am actually also about to go over to Slayter and trying to find a container for Pizza Hut pizza. Ready too be looked at like I am a weirdo!

  2. Good job today, and its good that you used your tumbler instead of buying a diet coke container.

  3. Great job! I also realized you used reusable containers today instead of soda bottles…good job! Today was a good starting point for everyone. It’s definitely a learning experience!

  4. I also felt like today was a “realization day”! Although we logged our consumption last week, I was definitely more aware of my consumption today because I am now aiming to actually reduce it. Also sounds like you’re doing a good job bringing your own reusable containers everywhere you go, good job!

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