Day 1!

It was so hard to remember and get used to trying to make as little impact as possible! As soon as I woke up the first thing I did was unplug my two fans so that it would be more of a pain if I wanted to turn them on. My room is extremely hot. Seriously it is the hottest one on the floor according to my floor. My roommate and I are always dying. So I knew I had to do something about those fans. I opened the window instead. Breakfast went well. No dairy and no meat, but I forgot and used a napkin. Then later on in the day I caught myself half way through ripping off the paper towel in the bathroom to dry my hands. I laughed at myself as I just left it there, half torn off already. Then at lunch I caught myself again. I had chicken noodle soup and I really wanted crackers to go with it, but once I picked them up I realized I wasn’t allowing myself to eat anything individually packaged. I was a bit sad, but I survived! Next I went to work out and when I got back I reminded myself of my goal that whenever I worked out I would take a cold shower. That was pretty brutal! I usually take about a 6 minute shower and that cold water probably cut my shower time down to 3 minutes! I had trouble in the afternoon because I had to use my laptop for a paper, but I was not too hard on myself. My roommate and I also agreed to not use any of the lights until after dinner. We succeeded in that :]. Overall, it was a good first day!



  1. Oh that is nice that your roommate and you agreed on the lights =) I haven’t told anything to my roommate yet, and today morning I woke up and used no lights at all and when I came back from the shower all the lights were on. I felt uncomfortable to ask her to turn them off, especially when we are all cranky in the mornings

  2. I definitely relate to the crackers- I love saltines and not having them for a week will be brutal! And I’m impressed by how quickly you managed to shower, I may have to try the cold shower idea.

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