Day 1

Day one was definitely more of a challenge than I thought. Just little things that I kept forgetting about. I started the morning off well by unplugging all of my appliances except my refrigerator. I only used cold water when I used the faucet.  By 10:30 I had not made much of an impact.  In my 10:30 class we got a lot of hand outs. I thought that this was an indirect impact for me in a way. Lunchtime was the most difficult. I realized all meals would require more thinking. Two goals of mine were to not eat meat and try not to eat dairy. I was so focused on no meat that I had ravioli with cheese and cereal with milk.  I went to wash my hands and without thinking and used a napkin to dry them.  Before the paper had dried my hands I realized I could be using a rag.  I forgot to bring my rag with me. So for lunch I had to use a couple of napkins but I was more conscious about it and only used two, and composted them afterward.  Other than that the day has gone pretty well. I worked in the library and on the community computers rather than my own. I ended the day with minimal trash: 3 saltine rappers, two dryer sheets from yesterday, and floss.Tomorrow I would like to try to do better.  The rest of the week should be interesting.

Mary Nehra

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  1. I also forgot to bring my towel to class I really thought about it and I separate it in the morning but I was in such a rush I forgot to take it =(
    I am sure after forgetting it and having wet hands for several minutes I won’t forget tomorrow =)

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