Day 1-Good Times so Far

With the start of No Impact week, I have had to change a few aspects of my life. I feel that I am good about not using much water or creating trash, so my focus is on going vegetarian and not playing video games. Things really haven’t been hard today, but it is only the first day so I am sure that I will encounter some problems later on. The food was good today: salad, soup, and pasta! I hope that I continue to find tasty vegetarian options, but you never know with Denison food services sometimes…I am glad that I have roommates around so that I don’t have to leave my room for lighting, but I have had to use a computer all day for emails and school work. So far I am enjoying the project, but tomorrow a brand new 60in HDTV is being installed in our fraternity house…Why couldn’t phys plant have installed it 2 weeks ago when it came in?? I know I’ll stay strong, but I know it’s going to be tough.

Matthew Kennedy


  1. Technology is the kicker during this week. We as students rely on our computers as well as our phones to stay connected to not only our professors but our peers and friends as well. The food here will always be a struggle whether it be the taste or from where it comes.

  2. Yeah having that much technology in one room is pretty tempting believe me! You can do it though. Along with the computer usage, I intended to lower the amount of time I use it but I realized that this would not happen since we are heading towards finals. A lot of papers are due and computers will surely be used greatly. Technology will not be our downfall though!

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