Day 1- How??

Day 1 has been easy enough for me. I’m still sick so I don’t eat nearly as much as I usually do, sleep more, and spend less time on my computer. My only trash came from a package I received (a book so I’ll have something to keep me away from my computer this week). I usually take 15 minute showers but today I managed to cut down to 7 minutes. I turned the brightness down on all of my electronics and unplugged everything that wasn’t in use at the moment. When I do projects like this I usually go by “Go big or go home” so this week I plan to commit as fully as possible. While I look forward to trying this for 5 days, I have no idea how people can live like this all the time. Transportation would be the hardest for me if I weren’t on a small college campus. We have everything we need right here! When I’m not on campus I drive nearly everywhere and I love love love travel. I fly overseas a lot, and my mom and I take road trips together pretty frequently. I’m not sure I could give up traveling around the country, let alone the world! I also know that energy use would be a lot harder for me if I wasn’t sick. Now it’s easy to keep the lights off and take naps throughout the day, but if I was awake the whole day I know I’d use energy for lighting, entertainment, tea (hot water boiler), charging my computer… I’m also a complete wimp when it comes to exercising- I hate running so I usually opt for an elliptical and blast music on my ipod. Both the machine and my music use up energy that could be avoided if I would just suck it up and go on a run. I caved slightly today when I was reading. Ideally I would read in the hall of my dorm since those lights are always on, but the people on my floor are so loud that I went with a book light. I figured a small light would be an okay sacrifice for my peace of mind. Can’t wait to keep going tomorrow!

Caroline Kahn


  1. Sorry that you are sick.. but on the other hand its kind of a good way to be no impact

  2. Well aren’t you lucky haha food is a real problem for me.

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