Day 1: Kermit’s Lesson

In the wise words of Kermit the Frog, I learned today that “It’s not that easy being green” (ST Lyrics). My day was filled with mistakes, and an increased level of consciousness before those actions that were not mistakes. I had forgotten that I had agreed to return a helium tank and some linens to a party rental store today (unfortunately I do not have the strength to carry a helium tank ten miles so I was forced to drive), I temporarily abandoned my vegan diet for the week when I subconsciously reached for a not-so-delicious cookie at the dining hall, and I quickly ripped off a paper towel in the library bathroom. But instead of dwelling on all the ways my day went wrong, I was able to go on a run (maybe better classified as a walk) to my favorite lookout spot, the Alligator Mound, I resisted various temptations to consume one of my absolute favorite foods: cheese, and am currently writing from the library computers, rather than the confinements of my own, power-sucking, room.

During my “run”, I decided to perform my own experiment to test the words of my favorite superhero, No Impact Man (Beavan, Colin): does technology take away from our lives? So, for the first time in a very long time, I went for a run without my iPod to determine whether or not that iPod was actually heightening my experience. I tried to enjoy the sounds of birds and trees in the wind, but these sounds were often overpowered by cars, lawnmowers, or construction. I also focused my attention on the aesthetics of my surroundings, where it was brought to my attention that this Spring is in full bloom. When my run finally came to an end, I came to the conclusion that while my iPod was not inhibiting my run, it was not necessarily enhancing it either. I am interested applying this same question to other forms of technology: my phone, computer, or tv. But I think I’ll save those for another day…

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Zoe Walpuck


  1. Good job today! I had a very hard time staying away from any processed foods. I keep on forgetting about not eating healthy/ local foods. I hope it will get easier throughout the week to eat better. Good job so far though.

  2. Very cool idea! I was noticing the same thing on my run today. Sometimes it’s almost dangerous to have your Ipod while running on the road, especially on busy roads! Technology is a great addition to NI week!

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