Day 1: Talk About a Rocky Start

Well I can’t exactly say I started this whole NI week very well. In the morning, I had two sausage patties when I told myself I would not eat meat for breakfast and try to eat as little meat as possible this week (I have been eating way too much lately in my opinion). I used paper towels to dry my hands and threw them away before recognizing what I just did. I’ve left all my appliances plugged in all day despite not using them. It is really habitual for people to go about their lives and not think about these things whatsoever. I did not. I only realized my mistakes once I had already committed them. Perhaps I focus on one aspect of sustainable living each day…then I can transition into a more sustainable lifestyle.

Enough of the negatives, let me take a look at a positive of the day. Besides the breakfast, I ate relatively well today. No meats for lunch and dinner despite how tempting it was to grab the chicken at Huffman on the main line…for lunch, I had an assortment of vegetables mixed in with rice. It was actually quite good and for dinner, I had a salad and soup. I never made a salad for myself from dining hall food but I must say I was impressed with what I had. I will definitely have to get more as the week goes on. Food was my greatest success today. I will try to place more focus on my waste tomorrow.

One last note of the day, I have become increasingly frustrated with my laptop’s battery life. It only last about 2 hours on the most energy efficient settings. Energy is something I really have to focus on these next couple of days. For now, I’m going to end my day with a shower and sleep.

Daniel Fiorentini


  1. I know what you mean about the computer. I’ve been spending a lot of time on mine trying to get my schedule in order. I recommend, because your battery life is so weak on your computer, to go to the library and do your work on those computers. I did that today and got a lot of work done without having to worry about my computer’s battery life and it was the lesser of an impact option.

  2. Great job focusing on the positives! We all make mistakes, but just keep trying to do what you can. Also good choice with making a salad for the first time. While it may not be local, it is something that you can always count on to be available. Plus I feel better about myself when eating a salad because I know I’m eating a healthy portion of my meal.

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