First day no impact.. a little disappointed about myself =(

So today started really well and I woke up early to exercise with a friend, we went running and thought it was a great week to start the week with positive energy. When I finished working I went into the bathroom and took some paper towels and use them and when I threw them away in the trash I realized that I had already broken my goal #1 which was only one item in the trash per day =(  I couldn’t believe it was 8 in the morning and I already broke my first goal. After that I went to have breakfast and according to my food goals it all went pretty well. The problem was when I got to lunch. I went to the bbq salad line and I ordered a chicken bbq salad, I thought this was a great option because it had lettuce and tomatoes, but when I was already eating I realized how dumb I was not to think about the chicken it had! I felt horrible and honestly I couldn’t continue eating the salad. At the same time, I was facing myself with a dilemma. Should I eat the chicken and break my no meat goal? or should I just compose it? which one was worst?  Honestly, I couldn’t finish the salad and I threw the chicken in the compost trash. I didn’t use napkins so I was proud of that but still I just felt the day was a complete failure with the trash and the food goals. My day didn’t end with that, afterwards I went to Fellow and I was in such a rush that I unconsciously pushed the electric door to open and when it was opening I realized of the goal I was breaking for no electricity or elevators. =( I am really sad my first day was like this but I am sure after this day it will get better =) I have to say that I was able to take a cold shower in the morning  I am proud of that =)

Daniela Troya


  1. I think it will! The key is not to get too frustrated with yourself. Brush off the mistakes and carry on! Good luck!
    Also, Daniela, make sure you can compost that chicken 🙂

  2. I had a similar experience today! I got ready for the day totally excited to start my no impact day, and I found myself making mistakes starting with breakfast! I found myself having to really pay attention to food options, because like you, I sometimes don’t even think about if something has meat in it or not. But hopefully being vegetarian this week will get easier! I also kept forgetting about electricity stuff! Although I kept the lights off, I forgot to unplug my electronics until later in the afternoon when I got home. I guess we’re so used to just leaving stuff plugged in because we don’t think of consequences. Hopefully this week will get better!

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