Monday-day 1

When I woke up this morning, I had forgotten that today was the first day of “no impact week,” but it didn’t matter too much because nothing in my usual morning routine makes a great deal of impact. Unfortunately when I got my coffee, i used the individual sugar packets to sweeten my coffee. They don’t have a sugar container in Curtis, so I had no other option. Other than that, i didn’t eat anything that was processed except for some birthday cake because it was my friends birthday. All the food I ate was either some sort of fruit or vegatables. I also either ate at curtis and then for dinner I ate a salad at Broadway, which supported a local business. When I took a hot shower, it was only about 5 minutes long.The only problem was I accidentally got into my friends car when we drove to town, but other than that I walked everywhere today. Im hoping tomorrow I will think more about what I do before I do it.

Piper Tompkins


  1. Short shower and no meat! Great way of being no impact

  2. My roommate tried to get me to go drive around with her because she was bored! To my surprise, I actually remembered that I could not go in the car, as this was one of my goals, and I refused to go with her, even though she begged me! And I also took a really short shower today! Nice job! Sometimes it can be difficult, especially when you are cold so we are lucky today was warm!

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