NI Week 1st Day

Today is the first day of the No Impact Week. During this week, I will try to follow all my goals and be a no impact man for this week.

One of my goals is to eat less and eat more healthily. The first part can be easily achieved cuz I mostly have one or two meals per day. I woke up at eight to get ready for the math test which means no breakfast, as always. No breakfast, no waste, no trash. After the ENVS class, I played a game and went to lunch. For lunch I had the fried rice and a cup of Gatorade only. Then I went to the bookstore to buy a pair of earplugs. i throw away the wrap into the right dustbin. As there is no class for the afternoon, I stayed in my room and did couple of exercises for the FYS class. No travel, no impact about transportation. Then i went to Slayter for dinner. The reason i didnt go to dinning hall is because i was too late to get in. Unfortunately i couldnt use a special bag to get all the food. But I may get it tomorrow or the day after. I left the roof light off cuz the lamp was already enough. So, basicaly today I didnt bring much impact to the world. i wish i can keep up.

Jianda Bai


  1. Very interesting strategy for consuming less food but if you’re not hungry then why eat? A great simplistic way of attacking the new way of living for the week.

  2. Interesting strategy for less food: no breakfast! That’s one way to look at it! A good routine probably helps a lot. sounds like you didn’t eat much meat either, so that’s cool too. I’m trying to go vegetarian this week. Keep the routine up!

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