A Hungry Girl’s Daily Struggles/Thoughts

Wake up. Good job, doing great so far. BREAKFAST: Compost napkin. Receive gold star. What do I do with those scrambled eggs that I didn’t have time to finish? Mental note: take less food when in hurry. Throw eggs away. LUNCH: Deja vu, but with mediocre burrito this time instead of eggs. Can I compost a burrito? I consider this question for about 2 seconds but throw it away (That burrito looked so suspicious that I’m not even sure trash was the proper method of disposal for it) . MID-AFTERNOON: consume banana and apple…wait….. no compost bin in classroom? Okay, I’ll just throw away. (Fail.) Not sure what to do about this scenario… should I carry a bag around with me to dump into the Curtis compost bin at meal time? *dumps large bag into bin* “Move along people, just saving the environment here!” Hmm, possibly. DINNER- Good. I ate all of my food this time. Nom nom turkey. MIDNIGHT SNACK- Sometimes I eat chocolate to reduce stress (woops), therefore I ate a 3 Musketeers bar after completing online registration. I don’t really feel guilty about the waste from that wrapper for some reason.

Other goals have been going pretty dandy. My roommate and I did work in the room using daylight today instead of the lights. This makes it a little tricky to avoid the urge to nap since it is a little darker, but it works. I unplugged a few things when I wasn’t using them (chargers and light), but my fan stayed plugged in. I missed my shower goal by a minute yesterday, but in general, water consumption reduction is going well.

Emily Dean

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