Day 1 and already not doing as well as I hoped

Day 1!! This morningweek was fine, I only used about 30 seconds of water to brush my teeth and wash my face, and I remembered at the last minute to grab my hand towel out of my bag so I didn’t use paper towels. At breakfast, however, I made a small mistake: I hurriedly ate a bowl of lucky charms, my sweet cereal of choice, before remembering my goal of not eating processed foods… oops. From now on I don’t think I’ll make the same mistake. My next challenge, as silly as it sounds, came from a salad. Odd, I know, but this is a special salad. As it is widely known, Curtis dining hall does not have the best food options. So when they bring out one of their good meals, you really do have to take advantage of it. But alas, not today. While my stomach growled in hunger looking at the bbq chicken salad, I decided to go vegetarian this week, and I was sticking to it. My biggest set-back of the day however came later in the form of a bloody nose. Not to get all graphic, but my cloth handkerchief was no match for my nose, and I ended up being forced to grab 5 or 6 tissues to stop the bleeding. As annoying in so many ways as that was, I don’t really feel too guilty because it was really something I couldn’t avoid. Hoping tomorrow will be better.

Gena Grant

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