Day 1: talk about a difficult transition

This first day has been an interesting one.  Beginning with food, it is hard for one to know what food is locally grown and served at Curtis.  However, composting each napkin and not wasting any food wasn’t much of a challenge.  The challenge was not using sugar packets for tea or coffee or even using ice in drinks.  The amount of fresh water we waste on making ice could be an astonishing figure to see.  Showers are another story.  2:37.  That was the time it took me in my shower for the day and it was a nice refreshing brisk shower at that.  The true only way to forgo using too much water would not to shower so frequently.  My slip-up of the day was using hot water to shave.  Even with turning off the faucet between rinses of the razor, heating the water still used up precious energy.  I feel that for the remainder of this week, the most pressing challenges will be the use of water, especially the heating of water, and creating little to no trash.  Whether it be toilet paper, paper towels, or even printing papers for classes, paper materials are consumed all throughout the day by countless students.  Hopefully I can learn more about how to eat more locally with such a limited supply at the dining halls here.

Zach Fleming

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