Day 2!

Today I would have to say went much better than the last. For starters I kept up with all of my food goals: no meat and no dairy. For breakfast I made oatmeal at the dining halls and had coffee in my travel mug. For lunch I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my room, which I made with local bread from my hometown, local jam from the farmers market in town, and organic unsalted peanut butter.  I was feeling pretty good, although I did have to use a plastic knife. I ended up washing it after so I could reuse it, and left no waste.  For dinner I had stuffing served at curtis, an apple, a salad, and an orange. My two slip-ups of the day were tea and a mint at dinner. I left with a tea bag, and the wrappers.  That is the extent of my garbage today.

As for energy, considering it was such a nice day out, I decided to work outside. I started by completing all of my homework that could be done without a computer. The downside was that was not much. So I justified to myself that because I was working outside I could use my computer as long as while I was on it wasn’t something that wasted time like facebook. Of course I had a couple of slip ups with that, but I actually got a lot done in a short amount of time.

When it comes to water, I’ve stuck with cold water in the faucets and my shower today was less than five minutes. So far I’ve found nothing to be too difficult.  I hope my positive attitude continues on into tomorrow!

Mary Nehra


  1. really nice post! well categorized and its great to see everyone making progress on no impact

  2. After reading your post, I had a little mental debate with myself: is a food still considered local if you have personally transported it? I’ve decided that it is because you did not go home for the sole purpose of bringing back bread!
    Also if you ever need a metal knife, you can come next door and borrow mine anytime!

  3. I’m very impressed…it sounds like you are definitely on track. And I totally agree that a positive attitude makes a world of difference. Keep up the good work!

  4. Cold water sucks but it does serve its purpose this week

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