Day 2

Today seems like a really short day to me. Waking up at one in the afternoon because of staying up too late last night. As a result, I didnt need to eat breakfast or lunch. Then I went to class and after that to the orchestra rehearsal. A friend of mine offered to drive me down the hill but I refused for being no impact. Usually I would be able to get to the dinning hall in time, but today I was asked by my friend to listen to the music he composed so that he wont get too nervous on tomorrows composer concert. At about seven we went to slayter to get food. I got the meat wrap and two box of chips. I meant to not eat any meat but it seems really hard when you take only one meal per day. This time I used a bag i brought to reduce the waste. Next time I might bring a cup to Slayter but i dont know if this can be approved by slayter guys.

Jianda Bai


  1. Sleeping inn does make a no-impact day go by faster!

  2. Hey man great job! I would have taken that ride in an instant but you seem to be more strong willed than me. I think I should start taking my cup to Slayter too, but similarly to you, I didn’t know if taking our own cup was allowed. Well thanks guys for the tip abut Slayter! Great job once again.

  3. You can absolutely use your own cup! That’s part of my final project, and I just spoke with Slayter representatives today who confirmed it! I’m also impressed that you managed to say no to the ride- I think I could but part of me wonders if I’d say no if I knew they were already going. Keep up the great work!

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