Day 2

As my second day came to an end, I see facing a problem in the near future. I see my goal of only taking 5 hot showers coming to an end because I used 2 hot showers today alone. I thought that I would be able to handle showering one a day with hot water, but it seemed to back-fire. Today I took 2 hot showers because of my P.E class, which leaves now, just 2 hot showers for the rest of the week. It seems that I will be having a cold shower one of these days.

On a good note, I have been able to resist going to the grill to eat a cheese burger for two days. I have actually been able to lower the amount of meat I eat by almost 75%. I never would have imagined myself giving up food! Along with this, I have only been eating food provided in one of the dining halls or food that I had preserved in my refrigerator. This has greatly lowered the amount of trash that I produce. My garbage can actually seems to be lasting longer instead of me having to go out and throw the trash every 2 days. My trash can now only has about 3 items in it, which is great for me and the environment.

Ricardo Romero Jr.

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  1. I feel ya about the hot shower issue. After workouts, it is quite nice but not exactly sustainable. Do try the cold showers. It ain’t so bad after a workout. It is actually quite a cool down. Good luck with that though. At least, you will take more shorter showers since you will be using cold water!

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