Day 2- Annoyed

Today started out well enough- I had peanut butter toast and coffee (in my reusable mug) for breakfast while walking to class. I somehow managed to get peanut butter on my nose and, due to my napkin-less state, I wiped it off with my thumb. I had an unfortunate amount of work on the computer today, and my “third roommate” kept all the lights on when I was working. I kept turning them off and she’d grumble something about how she wasn’t part of this project before turning them back on. Throughout the day I darted in and out of Curtis Dinning Hall refilling my coffee mug, nothing new but it still made me feel good. Lunch and dinner went by without too much excitement, I caught myself reaching for napkins absentmindedly though.

After dinner my roommate, “third roommate,” and I walked down to Granville. They went to get things from CVS, I went to return a book to the library. Walking back to campus, I noticed that between the two of them we had 4 plastic bags. I immediately kicked myself for forgetting my roomy reusable bag in the dorm. When we got back we had web registration (“Third roommate” ate Cheetos the whole time- one of my junk-food weaknesses), and after condemning myself to a ridiculous schedule I caved and logged into Pottermore. Yes, I’m one if those nerds who checked the website daily, quotes the books verbatim, and internally flinched throughout every movie when they left out (in my opinion) crucial characters, scenes, quotes, and back stories.

After the fifteen minutes I allotted myself on the site I logged off and took my 8 minute shower. I still refuse to take the cold shower because my circulation sucks and my hands and feet turn white and purple. Not fun, especially since they stop working when that happens. I regret to admit that my brilliant scheme of buying a book to occupy myself was flawed- somewhere in my breaks from studying, walking around campus, and after my shower I finished the book. Already. On day 2. Luckily I have about 4 other books I haven’t gotten to yet, and three I’m in the middle of. The only problem is that I’m dying to order the sequel and ignore my other books until the cliffhanger is resolved. Overall, not a bad day. Surprisin * okay, I was just typing out how I’m not having a hard time resisting junk food, and how I don’t miss it much when my friend walked in with her mother’s homemade molasses cookies. I’m pretty sure what I did could only be described as pouncing on them… * To complete that interrupted train of thought, let me conclude today’s entry by saying that I’m struggling the most with reading too much. Odd…


Caroline Kahn

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  1. Carly you crack me up. That’s a great idea to try and fill your time with reading for pleasure. Good for you for reading instead of letting yourself spend time on the computer. I haven’t been so good at that, still finding it very hard to resist Facebook and Tumblr.

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