Day 2: Improvement

Day two down! I’m still pretty pumped. It went about the same as yesterday. My TV was plugged in all this time without realizing it, so I unplugged it. I don’t even really watch it. That should cut down on energy quite a bit. I still have been leaving my fans plugged in. I keep forgetting, plus, I like it comfortable. I need to unplug them before I leave. Still no napkins at food too! ┬áNothing too crazy today. It’s amazing how little I’ve had to change my lifestyle here while still drastically reducing my impact. Though I’m not as extreme as Colin Beavan (nor do I have access to the food store he has), I can still make a difference. The little things will go a long way. If everyone did just half of what we are, I feel like the results would be surprisingly good!

Conner Toth

Conner Toth '15 Geoscience Major Spanish Minor

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  1. I completely agree, my life hasn’t changed greatly to my old living standards, yet we are all making a difference. If we could get more people to follow these methods of lowering their consumption, we could save the planet a ton of resources!

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