Day 2-lacking nutrition, but also waste!

Almost no slip-ups today!! I accidentally forgot to bring my charger to the library to charge my phone during the day, so by midnight I was quickly running low on battery and I was forced to plug in my charger. :[ Fortunately, however, I remembered to bring it to the library today, so I should be good to last until tomorrow! Another positive about my energy use (or lack thereof) was that, because I had class at 10 I didn’t need to turn on the lights in the morning to get ready, and due to my busy day, I didn’t go back to my dorm room all day, which definitely cut down on my energy use.

I keep finding that it isn’t too difficult to be a vegetarian here, which is great! The sad thing is, though, is that its so easy because I already try not to eat a lot of the meat here because it’s kind of sketchy…While I didn’t eat meat, I at A LOT of carbs. It seems as if they make up a lot of the food in the dining halls. I ended up eating hashbrowns and a muffin for breakfast because I was running late, and for lunch I ate another muffin and a pb&j sandwich. It was a bizarre grouping off foods. The reason for the bizarre lunch was that I had to get very creative with what I was given. I go to Big Brothers Big Sisters every Tuesday, and I usually am signed up to get a packed lunch, which is very convenient. However, I knew that this was definitely not an option this week. The lunch always consists of a can of soda, a bag of chips, two cookies in a plastic bag, an apple, and a turkey sandwich in a plastic bag, all inside a paper bag. With more awareness than the week before, I couldn’t imagine producing so much waste with that little meal, so I decided to pack my own lunch and completely get rid of waste.

Otherwise, it was a pretty successful day: I remembered to use my washcloth to dry my hands, and I although I was in the shower for 8 minutes, I only turned the water on to get wet and rinse, so I only used about 3-4 minutes of water! Looking forward to tomorrow, and hoping that I can have some of that ho-hum time that my week has been missing thus far!

Gena Grant


  1. I totally agree about the meat. I don’t trust it. And I hate that the only other option is carbs. It’s because high carb foods are cheap! Good call on the packed lunch. Bag lunches are way too disposable. Good work!

  2. I also have found myself eating a lot of carbs. In the last two days I have had toast, peanut butter and jelly, stuffing, croutons, pasta, and another peanut butter and jelly, and more. Today I tried to eat more vegetables, but it does get difficult.

  3. The only thing to eat at this place is carbs if you dont want meat. It is ridiculous.

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