Day 2 – Not much improvement…

Well I was not up for much of my day. I got to slept in until noon. I was pretty exhausted from the day before and not having any classes on Tuesdays helps. Anyways, my food consumption was superb today. I had salads for lunch and dinner with soup and a burrito (with no meat). It was tasty and fantastic. HOWEVER, I realized I still needlessly waste. I used 3 or 4 napkins at lunch and several paper towels to dry my hands throughout the day. It was only after I used these items did I realize my mistake. It is so habitual to grab these items without even thinking about it. I really have to work on that over the next 3 days. At least I took a shower in under 10 minutes. I’ll try to get lower as the week goes on but a shower is always so nice after a workout.

On a side note, on the energy consumption side of things, I have unplugged appliances when they are not in use; however, I still have to use my laptop charger a lot due to its poor battery life. Also, this question did occur to me today when I used the napkins. Is using the napkins and composting still unsustainable living or not? The napkins are already made and it would be going towards a good cause. That’s just looking at theĀ positivesĀ of it all though. Perhaps it would just encourage the current waste system. I don’t know. It is just food for thought.

Daniel Fiorentini


  1. Try to compost napkins at the dinning halls, its the green thing to do!

  2. Daniel, I keep running into the same problem of taking napkins, paper towels, etc. absentmindedly, just out of habit. I’m sure we’ll have improved by the end of the week though!

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