Day 2: Not too bad

Today wasn’t that tough in regards to impacting the world.  I got to sleep in because of one class in the afternoon today so as a result almost no energy was consumed by me before lunch.  My shower today was only two minutes long, ice cold as usual, but refreshing.  The little water I used was for brushing my teeth and washing my hands.  I did not eat any meat today as I am beginning to try and follow the vegetarian path but it is almost impossible to replace it with something of nutritious value.  Carbs rule Curtis.  That could be a new slogan.  I never had to catch myself doing something today.  I made a point of not hitting any automatic door opening buttons and always used the stairs.  I even walked to the water fountain in my dorm instead of grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.  Hopefully tomorrow can be like today with almost no impact.

Zach Fleming

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