Day 2 :( Thanks Ochem

Today was a much harder day!!!  I was not as good as I should have been!  I blame the stress of organic chemistry (I have a huge exam on Wednesday night).  Like many of you know, school is very stressful!!!  Their are some days when you just need to study and not talk and just care about you.  As the day progressed this became even more true.  In the morning, I did not shower or straighten my hair (This allowed me to conserve energy and water).  This was good and allowed to spend the extra time to study.  For breakfast, I was really good.  I ate eggs and potatoes.  My eggs were local and their was no meat in this meal.  When I went to the bathroom, I did not use paper towels so I could decrease my amount of waste that I produce.  Lunch was a different story:  I just had too much stress with chemistry that I had to eat meat for the first time! This just means that I cannot eat meat tomorrow!  For dinner, instead of getting the buffalo chicken wrap-which I love I got a grilled cheese and fries that I put in my own container.  When I got my pop, I filled it once again in my tumbler cup.  I think that tomorrow will be a better day! 

   In my opinion, this project is getting pretty easy.  It is giving me the chance to be more self aware of my wastes that I produce.  I think the one goal I want to change is to give myself 10 minutes to myself instead of always being on a mental treadmil.  This is my number 1 priority which was mentioned in class and in No Impact Man! 

Good Luck everyone with the rest of no impact!!! Go Big Red:)

Kelly Kuppler

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  1. As I’ve mentioned to others, just don’t beat yourself up about the mistakes. Remember, its a project…we’re just trying to see what we can do and how we can do it. I like the idea of 10 minutes to yourself. Let me know how it goes! Good luck….and keep up the great attitude!

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