Day 2: The Herbivore In Me!

So yesterday was was rough start to my week of being a vegetarian, but last night to today has been a great success! I have manage to stay away from all meats, and I have begun to eat a lot of vegetables, hummus, and bananas. For example, today at lunch in the Huffman dining hall I made a very delicious vegetarian sandwich. This “Mega Veggie” sandwich was stacked high with hummus, lettuce, onions, carrots, red peppers, tomato, feta cheese and a dash of hot sauce. Not only was this sandwich pack with unreal flavor but it was also very filling, so far it has giving me the energy to get through the day! Moving on my water and energy consumption has remained very low, but I did have on major mistake with my recycling. Last night I bought a can of Red Bull, and after staying up until 2 am finishing a paper, I tossed the can in the trash and totally forgot to recycle it! Feeling very guilty because of this I have not bought and products from Slayter all day. What I have learned from this no impact week so far is that eating like a vegetarian is not so hard if you commit fully to your goal. Honestly being a vegetarian is not that bad while being a student at Denison, it just takes a little extra effort.

Be Green, Eat Green

Thomas Dacey


  1. It has been interesting finding and creating new food options to keep with a vegetarian diet. I’m glad that you have been able to stick with it and enjoy yourself doing it! Denison really does have some good options and it changes up the same old go to usual foods that we all have!

  2. Yummm….sounds like you might make it as a vegetarian this week!!!

  3. This looks great as far as the food, Tom! There are a ton of great options for vegitarians here at Denison, which the dining halls do a great job of. Keep up the good work!

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