Day 2!

Day 2 seemed much easier than day 1 for me. I did not come across many instances where I had to stop myself. I woke up around 10 so there was no need for turning on the lights. I had a meatless breakfast and then headed out to class. At lunch I had minimal meat, chicken, and lots of veggies. I had class again after this. After that last class I did need to use my computer for a paper I have been working on. The day had been pretty dull. I was able to not turn on my fans though again! Instead I kept the window open all day, which was nice since yesterday was way too windy to keep it open. I was also proud of myself because last night when I went to Slayter I brought a container to get Pizza Hut pizza. I started off by saying, “You are going to think I am nuts, but I am trying to make no impact so can you put my pizza in this instead of in the cardboard box?” She seriously stared at me for a good 15 seconds then said “Sure!” I got a kick out of how assumed she was by what I was doing. She was telling all of her friends who worked there! So even though today was much more dull than yesterday, I have been doing a good job plus I haven’t added anything to my trash bin today!



  1. I really like how you asked to have your pizza and put it in your own container. Honestly, I wish we could do this sort of thing all the time instead of always having this disposable container we have to throw out 20 minutes later. Good job so far!

  2. Good for you for asking at Pizza Hut! I am sticking to dining halls because I am a little nervous to ask, but maybe I will try now that your experience was such a success!

  3. Hurray for pizza hut and the woman at the counter! We should really tell them we appreciate their support. I might post a note!

  4. Yay that’s exciting, it seems like your making great progress. I am also very impressed by the people at Slayter for being so understanding! Well, keep up the great work!

  5. That is so nice!! wow I ‘d wish the lady in the salad line would have said the same thing to me =( I had not to eat salad because she didnt want to put the salad in my container

  6. That’s awesome that they let you take the pizza without the container! It’s nice to know that as crazy as we may look this week, I think we’ll have a good amount of support!

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