day two

Well, day two has already started better than yesterday.  I must say though, after the somewhat rough morning yesterday the day turned  out better. Well, except for my brief car ride across campus (East to the sunnies), which afterward I immediately regretted.  I even went for a run outside instead of walking to the gym and using the treadmill. I also was able to minimize my shower time to five minutes (although still hot).  So, all in all, I would say that I am feeling pretty good. Today I have been very good about not making the mistakes I did yesterday. I ate low on the food chain at breakfast and managed not to blow dry my hair.  I am also looking to enjoy some ho-hum time today. I wonder if I will feel like Professor Aguilar did during her allotted ho-hum time….and I am guessing I will; I probably will feel like I should be doing something else and that makes me sad. Its sad to me that out society has become a society that must always be on the go. Well regardless, my goal is to turn of all electronics during this “ho-hum” time and really just relax. Well, I’ll let you know how  it goes.

Also, Something I have really begun to enjoy about this project is explaining it to people. A couple of people have asked my why I am doing something a certain way etc. and then in turn, I explain to them about No-Impact week and what it entails. I think I have really enjoyed sharing this project with people because it is so inspiring and proves to other people that change can happen on an individual level.

Catherine Weirick


  1. So great to hear that people are responsive to the NI project and what you are doing. I had a bit of a negative comment from someone and I was wondering if others experienced the same thing. We’ll have to talk about it in class. Overall, I feel like it is the inspirational aspect of this project that makes it worth repeating. Keep up the good work (and don’t drive across campus ;))!

  2. I havent really though about ho hum time but for sure I am going to include it in my no impact week goals. Also I haven’t blow dry my hair this week and I think that sometimes it isn’t that necessary at all… maybe we are the only ones that notice the change in it.

  3. I too found today a bit easier mistake wise than it was yesterday. I am glad that you are finding ho-hum time to fit into your day. As much as I would like to do that, I have soooo many papers to write that it is not physically possible. Then again, I guess that is better that I am dedicating my time to school work instead of watching tv or uselessly roaming the internet. Also, I too am having fun explaining the week to people! :] I find it exciting!

  4. I’m glad your second day is going much better than your first and its inspiring you to help others of your friends. I am also trying to incorporate ho hum time and relaxation in my scheledule but it seems really hard (who would think that finding time to relax would be soo stressfull) 🙂 Good Job!

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