EWW (Energy, Waste, and Water)

But actually, by EWW I mean being sick and trying to reduce waste is incredibly difficult! I find myself blowing my nose almost every 5-10 minutes. I started off the day by reaching for tissues, napkins, or toilet paper, but then I realized I was creating a lot of waste. My trash bag is almost full of used tissues! So then it came to me, I should really be using a bandana or something that can be washed.  I’ve been using a bandana to blow my nose for about 12 hours now and it’s starting to get gross! As much as I want to say it feels good to be waste free, I’m really not enjoying reusable tissue.  I find that reducing my waste has been the most difficult task so far.  However, being sick has been an advantage.  Not having much of an appetite, I didn’t eat lunch and all I ate for dinner was toast with peanut butter which only required one small plate from Curtis.  I was very careful to be neat and managed not to make a mess of myself, reducing my need for a napkin.  Being sick can have its perks, I guess?

Yesterday began the phase of reducing my energy consumption.  This wasn’t difficult for me at all! I keep all of my appliances (lamp, iHome, phone charger, and computer charger) on one power strip so I simply make the effort to unplug the whole thing when I’m not using them.  I make sure my phone and computer are fully charged before I go to sleep and shut everything off. In addition, I’ve always made the effort to use my lights sparingly so that hasn’t been an issue. Energy has definitely been the easiest task followed by water and then waste.

Sarah Fleming

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