Hard To Waste

Water has not required much difficulty. Shortening showers and faucet use was entirely possible. Energy became slightly harder to accomplish. I find it hard to remember all the various items I need to turn off when not in use. Naturally, turning off the lights requires not much difficulty. However, remembering to unplug all the various chargers I have seems slightly more difficulty. Nonetheless waste reduction has proven itself the most difficult of the three limitations on impact so far. I find it hard to realize all the small products I use and not use them. For example, a q-tip or a piece of floss I throw out. These products seem like somewhat of a necessity yet I have to reduce how much I use.

The trash sort helped me with my waste reduction because it gave me practice on how to reduce my trash. It also helped by telling me what I can throw out and what I can recycle. It also helped me realize not too much can be recycled in this area with regards to plastic. However, a lot of various types of paper can be recycled and I have made sure that I recycle as much paper as I can. The difficulty really comes from plastic products. The school does an excellent job of setting up recycling bins and waste bins in almost every area. This helps me limit my impact because I can more easily find access to a recycling bin. It also helps keep the campus cleaner so people do not litter.


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  1. I agree with Zach about the trash sort because even the smallest things can be recycled. I have been recycling for a long time and contribute as much as I can to recycling, but the trash sort definitely added things to the recycling list that I had no clue could be recycled. It just goes to show that there’s always something new to learn about this process. I also agree that the school sets up a lot of recycling bins around to make recycling convenient. Whether I understand the WET or DRY concept is a bit different. But still, the effort is there and it has not gone unnoticed.

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