No Impact Week Continued

Food waste has been the most difficult for me. Today, I found myself disposing of two bags of chips throughout the course of the day even though I remembered both times after eating them that these particular bags would need to be thrown away. However, I have composted more this week than I expected. Previous weeks I have tried to compost occasionally, but I have put much more thought this week into disposing of my food waste. I also noticed two bros throw their soda bottles near, but not into the recycling bin. I took the time to ensure that they were put in their right places!!

Recently I have had a lot of papers due, so I have found myself constantly plugged into a computer charger which is definitely hurting my electricity energy consumption. Transportation is going well. I haven’t ridden in a fossil fuel (combustion engine) car and don’t plan on doing so for the rest of the week. Water use is continuing to go as planned with significantly reduced use in showers, hand washing, etc.

Andrew Malin

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