Second day.. Getting better =)

Today was a better day. I woke up and remembered about not turning the lights , it was hard since it wasn’t that sunny in the morning, but still I was able to get ready without any lights on. My shower was 5 minutes in warm water, not cold but not too hot so it was average, but the timing was great and I was proud that I was able to get a shower in five minutes. I went to my classes and didn’t use the elevator at all and now when I got into Fellows I remembered about opening the manual door. After that I went back into my room and started homework with no lights at all. It was great, although I found myself falling asleep every once in a while but I was able to manage it. I was worried that maybe my roommate might get in and turn them off but that didn’t happen. She got in and left the lights off.=)

The only bad thing of my day was that I was really excited about going to mealex with my re-usable container, and after making the really long line for the salad I asked the lady in charge if she could put my salad in my container. I explained it was for a project, and that I was trying to be as sustainable as possible, and she said no. I was angry and confused I couldn’t understand in what way that might affect them? So I guess that there will be no mealex for the week.. I was proud of my use of light until really late at night when I only turned on my lamp because it was getting kind of impossible to read. And also I couldnt believe that I only threw one thing in the trash! I was able to achieve my goal about trash for the day ! It was really hard but I was able to do it. I hope this week continues getting better and Meal-ex figures out something to do for their containers.

Daniela Troya


  1. Hmmm….I read what Jen wrote about the pizza, so it seems like they should be able to do something about the salad. However, is it recyclable? If so, you could recycle it (not ideal, but better than trash)!

  2. That doesnt make any sense that the lady wouldn’t let you put your food in your own container. THey should definitely try and allow people to do that. Ive been trying to do the same with keeping the lights off and you seem to be doing great with it! Its always a challenge to keep your roommate on the right path. Good luck with keeping the lights off but dont fall asleep!

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