The worst day for waste.

Adding waste to the mix today was probably not the best considering my nose has been running like a faucet! I have probably used over 50 tissues today to combat my sickness and have also thrown away at least 6 cough drop wrappers. *Sigh* On a better note, I have kept up with my other goals for today. I have made sure to only use one napkin per meal (that was composted) and have not bought any new packaged foods this week. I forget what our ruling was on items that we already had, but I have eaten one of my power bars that has been sitting in my room for a while. Although the trash sort was fun, recycling things has not been too bad of an issue since I usually am “that roommate” who takes recyclables back out of the trash to their proper recycling bins…

Definitely as I predicted, the shorter showering has been the hardest part about this week. Especially since I don’t feel tip top, it was SO NICE to enjoy a warm shower. I did relapse slightly today taking a little over a 15 minute shower. Hopefully though I will be able to get back on track tomorrow!

Energy use has not been too bad either. I think it is definitely harder to do this assignment with roommates not doing it. There have been many times when I would have turned off lights or not used fans, but since other people were using them I did not want to be a jerk. Personally though I have unplugged my phone charger when not using it and have also unplugged my laptop charger when not in use. I actually have not turned my laptop completely off when not in use because I have been using it a lot, but I think I will start doing that tonight. I have also still kept up with my goals of being a vegetarian for a week and not buying anything new! So, summation: there have been many successful transitions, but there is still room for improvement!

Mia Day


  1. We don’t have tissues in our house – my wife has switched to washable hankies. She claims they are better on the nose. I don’t disagree with her, but there is something about stuffing a partially used one back into my pocket. Anyhow, just something to consider.

  2. Mia, i am so sorry you are not feeling well. Same with you Sarah! My grandpa uses a “reusable” handkerchief but I personally thing that is gross. Maybe if it constantly washed I guess that is better, but not for a germ-a-phobe. I bet if we all went back to eastern medicine (like that will ever happen) it could be less wasteful. Cough drop wrappers are just like my gum wrapper, something very small that are hard to remember the impact it could have. You need them though! Does this sort of tradeoff come up in other walks of life, too? Maybe when we need a new pair of shoes but do not want to get a pair that are made from fossil fuels however cannot spend the extra 30 bucks to get the “recycled material” ones? Living in this consumer nation causes us to have to overthink every action and purchase we make. I hope you get well Mia, in my mind the cough drops and tissues are an exception to the waste rule. You can only do so much and your health is most important.

  3. I can relate, Mia! I’ve been under the weather myself and it’s really difficult to reduce waste at the same time. I completely forgot about the waste that came from my cough drops until I read your post (whoops). It’s amazing how we don’t notice the little things. I also struggled with my shower today, it was a much needed pick me up! But like you said, hopefully tomorrow will be better! Hope you feel better too!

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