Tuesday- day 2

Although I woke up remembering it was the second day of “no impact week” I still didn’t think I did a great job in terms of keeping my consumption down. I went to 2 meals today at curtis, 1 for a late breakfast and the other for dinner. I was pretty good at both and only ate food that was natural and not processed. I don’t know if any of it was local though, although i doubt that because most everything in curtis is not from anywhere near here. I also don’t eat any red meat and other than that, I don’t eat a whole lot of chicken or turkey. This makes it pretty easy for me not to eat any meat.  I did how ever make popcorn, with my hot hair popper, so that used up some electricity. I also was on the computer for quite some time today because I was stressing about signing up for classes and the whole time I was trying to look up what was available and not. This obviously used up a bunch of electricity. I was pretty good about my shower though and even though it was hot, i kept it under 10 minutes long, which is not easy for me. I didn’t go anywhere in a car today and walked everywhere, so that was good. Also I don’t remember creating much of any trash and if I did have anything, it was compostable. When I was in my room throughout the day, i realized I didn’t really need my lights on because all though it was a bit darker than usual, my eyes quickly adjusted. So, overall I did ok but i’m planning on doing better tomorrow to really cut down on my consumption.

Piper Tompkins

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  1. Piper, I had the same issue with the use of my own computer as well. I was on it constantly today and this evening rechecking my schedule, and when things did not go exactly planned it took even longer. Great job today! I feel like you were a lot more conscious about no impact week.

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