So far the easiest part I think has been conserving energy. I thought this would be really hard but now that I am more aware of it, it isn’t as hard as I anticipated. I unplugged everything in my room except for the fridge so I am forced to only plug things in when I absolutely need to. My roommate and I have started to only turn on one section of the lights in our room only when the daylight isn’t bright enough which was tough at first just because our habit was to turn them all on, but it has become easier over the past few days. The hardest part of the energy is turning off my computer and cell phone since I just leave them on without thinking. I have put them both on low brightness and try to turn off my computer every time it’s not in use, I haven’t quite worked my way to turning off my phone.

The hardest goal has been waste. I don’t even realize how much waste I make and I do it without even thinking. I went to meal ex and didn’t think about how much I was throwing away but between the packages, cups, and containers so much waste accumulates. I also have a cold this week and I have used two boxes of tissues which has not helped my waste. This had made me realize just how much waste we don’t even realize we’re making until we are made aware of the things we are throwing away.┬áSorting through our trash made me a lot more aware of what can and cannot be recycled. I realized how much I threw away could be recycled easily and other things just needed to be rinsed out.

Taylor Pavlik

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