So far, I would say that the energy goal has been the easiest to achieve.  I thought that I would have a hard time remembering to unplug things and turn off my computer, but I feel like I’m already in the habit of doing it.  One of my goals is to not use my hair dryer at all this week in order to reduce my electricity use, and that has been the most tempting.  Water consumption has also not been too difficult.  My showers today and yesterday were well under 10 minutes and I typically turn off the sink when brushing my teeth/hand washing anyways, so that hasn’t been too hard.  Waste has definitely been the most challenging for me.  The trash sort made me a lot more conscious of what things I could recycle that I don’t already.  I pretty much stuck with the safe stuff like paper and plastic bottles, because I didn’t want to put something wrong in and mess up the whole bin.  I’ve been a lot more intentional about finding out what I can recycle, and about not purchasing things that produce waste.  I want to only throw out one packaged product a day, which I used on a granola bar this morning, but I saved the packaging from a sandwich I bought at Slayter and I’m going to reuse that to bring cheerios instead tomorrow.  It’s really not that much harder to reduce waste, I think it just requires more effort and thought behind what you are doing.

Jenna Marchese

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  1. I agree with your waste claim! I think at first it is really hard to reduce waste because I think just where we are from, we do not like being told that their are limitations to what we can and cannot do! I also agree with the no hairdryer use! My hair feels very weird and heavy and thick and not well groomed because I am not using a hairdryer and a straightener. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

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