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I did not have class until 1:30 pm, thus Tuesday was not really awful. Today, I only used 11 minutes for taking a shower and wasted totally 5 minutes water for washing my face, hands and brushing my teeth. As expected, I achieved my Sunday goal very easily. But I’m still trying to save more water on my shower time and focusing on time of taking shower. Hopefully I can keep a good habit in the future.

It was still hard to prevent food wasting even though I only ate one meal in this morning. Usually, I don’t eat packaged food but I love to drink coconut water. Obviously, it was a hard choice for me to abandon my favorite beverages today. Hopefully, I will get used to drink beverages as soon as possible.  Compare with drinks, water is always been a good choice.

Trash sort is helpful. Every time I go to Slayter, I would love to decide which kind of stuff should be put whether in recycle, waste or wet. I used to get confused, but trash sort helped me to make a decision.

I stayed at library most of the time; energy was not a harsh problem for me.

Shuwei Zhang

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  1. I like coconut too! it is qute good. But you remind me that maybe I should also “ditch” it and embrace tap water. Yeah, it is hard, but let’s have a try togeter. And I cant agree more on the difficulty preventing food waste. I like to take everyday special, but sometimes I findi I really do not like that special at all, so I just throw them away. I felt so guilty every time when I did so. Therefore, I will try to eat everything I take and not to take the “bad” food. Watch me ^ _^.

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